Murray Declares Snow Emergency, Town Programs Cancelled

Supervisor Kate Murray has declared a snow emergency in Hempstead Town as a winter storm is hitting Long Island and a blizzard warning has been issued for the area.

Under Town Code, local residents are asked to remove cars from town roadways when a snow emergency is in effect. This provision is intended to clear roads so salters and plows can maintain as wide a path as possible through local streets. In addition, several town programs have been cancelled for Friday, February 8th.

Specifically, the Town of Hempstead is canceling programs for its Parks and Senior Enrichment Departments for Friday, February 8th.  Also, transportation services will be suspended to Senior Centers.  The Town’s ANCHOR trip for people with special needs, scheduled for Saturday, February 9th, is postponed.

“With several inches of snow and blizzard conditions being forecast, we are asking homeowners to give us a hand by removing vehicles from the curbside,” Supervisor Murray said. “Hundreds of town workers will do their best to keep local roadways passable. Our employees will be working hard to clear streets from curb to curb, and can only be successful if their path is free of obstacles.

“We would also ask residents to be considerate, asking them NOT to shovel snow from their sidewalks and driveways into the public street. This will keep roadways as clear as possible while reducing the risk of shoveled snow being redeposited into driveways by subsequent plowing operations.

For up to date information on this snow emergency residents can visit the Town of Hempstead website at: www.TOH.LI.